I don't Know what's wrong with me...
Just Can't sleep those days.. Is not that i'm Not tired... But it's just that I have,maybe, too many things on mind... Many thoughts.. Sad thoughts...
Feel like I'm So Sad Inside... Maybe cuz of the fact that i'm Single.. since... a while!!! Not that i want to be with someone or anyone... Not that i aint got the oportunity to be with some guys... Maybe i just can't see them cuz i'm looking for someone Special... I want that special Somebody... Want and Need a Man ( with a real "M") who could take care of me, be there, dare...
Dare you?
I got that little Ex titillating my mind... The kind of Man you never dreamed to have one day, and ... from X reason, He became an Ex, THE Ex... And then you just can't stop thinking of the good things you could live together. The kind of Ex you regret. But that ex is way far behind me now.. i just decided to stay here, and waiting for the Future one... But Where the Hell is he? Not coming! Stuck on the trafic? Missed his flight? Hurt? Gay?
For God's sake Please... Come Future! Come!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Très sincèrement, j'aurais pu écrire cet article. Jsuis dans la même phase. Jvais le tailler quand Il va arriver !

    Non mais sérieusement, on aura beau me dire qu'à 21ans jdevrais pas être si pressée de me poser, c'est devenu un vrai besoin. Et ce ne sont pas les propositions qui manquent nn plus. Après on m'dit "peut-etre que t'es trop exigente pr une meuf", rien à voir ! Le truc c'est que les mecs sont de moins en moins sérieux, et ça me rend mm hopeless.. I really do need that person that'll complete me as a woman. Just don't know where to find him.
    J'étais tombée sur le gars PARFAIT pour moi, mais il est hermétique à toute notion de couple donc j'ai abandonné :(

    I guess the only thing we have to do is WAIT. Mais sache que je te comprends à fond.