Prints Of You in my Skin

I forgot to tell you hat happened recently... Something at the same time Stupid and Dramatic... I lived a true dilema. Imma tell yu what Happened.
I wanted to do a Tattoo, since.... Like 5 years... Almost since i met my BestFriend. He wanted to lurn how to do tatoos, but i dont know for which reason he just gave up. Then I asked him, to do smtg small, simple, and that could represent me... So He designed one simple little thing:
two trebble clefs.

This Little drawing is really simple and means so much to me for so many reasons!

First, it was made with Love by Someone i love and who loves me back! Someone i trust and always can count on! Might be one of the few persons who care about me, brings me back to reality and did know who i am truly! someone who hav seen me on my bests and worsts moments. Someone who is now part of my family. Someone that i'll always keep On My Heart.
Second reason is that that simple and casual drawing is just the representation of what i live for. It represents the 2 things that makes me strong every thing. The first is the Music... "is my Life, and God is the DJ"... I used to Sing ... And i use to sing today... When im worried, sad, stressed... or even happy... I'm Always singing... Music acts really as a therapy for me.. It's so important... and even more than Shopping!! U should Try... Trust me, U'll not regret! ^^ The Second, is The Heart.... The Love makes me hope, live, breath ... A simple Word that carries all the happyness and gives the peace of mind. Love the most, and be Loved back.

So Now maybe you can understand why i HAD to put this drawing on my Skin.. It's me, and my life that i'll carry on my skin... forever... So it has to be perfect.
Actually, it wasn't my first Tatoo! So i looked and asked around and decides to be tatted up by the one who tatted my friend!...
When he did it... I didn't see it correctly cuz it was on my back. But after, i just discovered a DESASTER!
OMG. I cryed So much. The drawing wasn't the same, and it was blured, and last but not least: it wasn't straight!
Ok ! i just regreted and cryed cuz it was the end of time to me. Even if i tryied to convince myself that it was only details, i couldn't stop realizing that he made a big Shit on my back. I had to fix it! BUT it was OUT of Question that i'll see that man(ster) again!
So one day... (you know those days you're veeerry sad..; and need to do something huge... something that will hide/take off your pain and change your life...) I decided that on THAT day, i'll change and save my tattoo! So i went to see a Weird guy from west indies... That guy... actually... Saved my Tattoo! Saved my pain (even if i was screaming cuz it hurts sooooo bad!) . I wasn't so sure.. but when i saw what he made on himself... i Gave my back to him... and closed my eyes...

And i don't regret it... at all..

Ok the drawing isn't perfect. Isn't the same as it was supose to be, but... it's so much better...

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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