Lets Spread our Wings...

.. and Fly Away...
once or twice in a year..
I've just arrived in Mozambique.... (was suppose to be there until tuesday... but the snow ... u know). And i had a F* Long Flight! Too many Transit stops. Spent the Reveillon in tha plane, alone , with some Delicious Nasty Food. Lost my luggages again. Arrived Too Early in the Morning and i couldn't have a rest till then.
But there are some (not so many but SO MUCH IMPORTANT) Good Points
-Saw my Family (Gramma and Nieces)
-Im HooOOooMe Mo'Fuckaaaaz. (OooPs)It's Hot Here
The Most important thing for me is that i run away from the Parisian Stress and depression. Im changing my minds... Looking for the good vybz...( It was scientificly prooved... that the most happy people are those who travel more than 2times a year... Im on my way!) Flew away from my troubles.... and want to leave them here.... Don't Wanna Go back with them.

PS:#Sadthoughts. I feel fuckin sad... cuz didn't hav any gift from them..... from nobody but my friends in Paris... I feel like Santa Clous and not so like a gift.. but imma enjoy anyway.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. I die for the jeremy scott pants! I need them in my life! with the highest pair of heels I own!

    Step On My Heelz