These are my confessions

Hey Er'boday! how do you guys feel now? Im quiet nice... Ive been a little bit stressed those days... Had bad news... I've Lost a friend who also was an (very very very old) ex-boyfriend... (May him RiP)... He was starting to be famous... doing smtg that he ever dreamed...I've been dancing in his soung during my X-mas holidayz and didnt know that it was his... I feel furstrated... cauze i could have told him.. talked to him... and maybe tell him how much i was proud of him! how much i thanck him to have made the beat of my endung 2010... and the beat who will stay forever on my head ears and heart... I'd love to tell him how Kind i thing he was! How talented he was! Tell him that the few moments that we shared together were so nice. Actually they became one of the best moments in Portugal, one of the best (romantic childish) Souvenirs of those holidays. Would love to tell him that i'm proud... And that i'll Never forget...
Thanck you Ibra!

A such good person don't desurv to leave that eart so young...
RiP Ibraim aka IVM Beatz...
You'll always be "Ibra-M my Man"

Always Yours: V.V.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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