Our Prayers Go To Them

"From: @NeYoCompound
Salutations twit fam!! I'm here in Japan (Nagoya) and everything's fine. Looking forward to a fantastic show.....
...All proceeds from the wristbands we've created especially for these shows will go directly to the victims of the quake....
...As well as the donation boxes that will be placed thru-out the venues. We spreadin' love thru music, thru donation, thru prayer. LOVE!"!

"From: @solangeknowles
Highest radiation level recorded so far in Japan. Scary times."

"From: @Asa_official
Japanese are one of the most gentle,nice,diligent people... #prayforjapan "

"From: @Asa_official
I just met this little girl who just arrive from Japan,her mum told me how brave she was and how tough it was #prayforjapan"

"From: @keyshiacole
Such a tragedy Wht happened in Japan. God bless all the family's involved.. My heart goes out to u all."

"From: @rihanna
Let's continue to keep the people of Japan in our prayers! We are all heartbroken for u..."

"From: @JanelleMonae
lot of positive things have been happening in my life. Would share, but I feel too bad for Japan. Pray 4 them #Fandroids. Love u."

"From: @Shawny8u
And the waterproof prayers still go on and on..."

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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