Let’s Take a Ride

Hi Guys,
I’ve been posting pictures pictures pictures and i didn’t write down some stuffs since... A decade. So i’mma start now, cuz, it’s for a good cause. Those days, i had that need. I Needed to buy something... (Don’t ask me why, you all know now dat i’m a compulsive and depressive shopper ....).
And the New Need of the Week is .....
Or Rollers... or both... ^^
Actually i can’t tell you why exactly.. I Can’t control those compulsive needs, but i guess that maybe it’s cuz the weather is getting so Hot those days in Paris, and i don’t feel like taking the Metro or the bus or any other stuff. Or maybe cuz actually i feel fat those days ( Some Friend will hate to read that, but that’s my reality guys...) and too lazy to do some sport. Better to loose some fat enjoying than suffering aight? Or maybe cuz with all these polemics now, all these « BIOLOGIC Speeches » really en vogue now, i feel guilty riding something like a car for example ... (even if i don’t even ride a car... !!!!!!)...Another reason could be that i love my city and that can be more practical to dicover it ridin than walkin.. Told ya guys, I ‘m Lazy...!!! Anyway... I guess it will have some good benefits for me (in a psychologically and a physically aspect of course... ) and for the world, the planet blablabla (you all know the song i’m not going to sing it again)
And I guess that it could be, not only healthy but very fashion too, very parisian, and so Glamourous to ride a bike. Can you imagin me at Champs de Mars, under the Eiffel Tour, or down the Champs Elysées, or even passing in front of the Moulin Rouge...

"Kitchy Kitchy Ya Ya Da da,
Kitchy Kithcy Ya Ya Heee,
Mocca Chocolate Ya Ya,
Creole Lady Marmelade...
Voulez vous ROULER avec moi, ce soir? »

Don’t worry... You’ll Have Some Pictures SoonSoon... Stay Tuned!

"You Love the Way I’m Ridin’"
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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