African Fashion

Hello Guys..
Just wanted to share with you some infos..
I don’t know if you aware of my thesis, but i’m doing a second research about
African Fashion today and looking for the Authenticity in it...
It’s Very interesting
(otherwise i wouldn’t be doing that search for 2 years... !!)
and i’m finding more and more infos about that subject...
(vol. 1: dedicated to Africa)
I just fond That... My New #MustHave
If you are interesting too, you can buy it Here

« Editor of Arise Magazine, Helen Jennings, is publishing a book entirely on African fashion entitled, New African Fashion. The book focuses mainly on African born and diaspora contemporary designers with chapters focusing on the history of African fashion, its textiles, influences it has had on others, and key photographers, models and designers in the industry. Jennings thought this would be the right time because after doing a bit of research she realized there was no current and up to date book on African fashion, so there was definitely a demand. »

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