Lights on: Eliana Rodrigues Murargy

(Winter LookBook)

Eliana is a young and wonderful Mozambican designer. Born in Belgium, she lived in many countries like Paris, Switzerland, South Africa and of course Mozambique. She’s now living in Brazil studying Design...

MURADE, is her brand founded in 2008, named after her father’s name. 
Her first collection was presented in Mozambique Fashion Week in 2008, and it was very ethnic.
With time, she gets more experience, developed her talent and started to be much more  « Elegant, Stylish, Exclusive and sophisticated! » as she says.
Always changing, innovating, being original... Isn’t that exactly what we waiting for a Designer ? 
To be Surprising!? 
So definitely she’s working in progress, in a very good way... And that last collection was one of her bests works ever. All in Black, because it looks like her favorite color, and it’s definitely a must!

Eliana has some garments for sale at the Gilberto Salomão shopping, in Lago Sul
and 10% of her sales will go for the Fundação Vida Positiva. 

Hivers en Noir
Her 2011 Winter LookBook `

This collection was inspired by the work of architect Frank Gehry's deconstructed work 
 She entered "the never ending trip mood" of his work.

Send you all my support... and i’m sure that many of us are waiting for more...
So Much More....

Congrats Yani

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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