Merry Merry Merry Xmas

I know its a bit late to wish you a Merry Xmas, but some say: 
Better Late then Never...

So Hope you all had a Wonderful Xmas...
Surrounded by those you love, those you care, and those who care bout you!
Of course, i also wish that you had a LOT of Gifts... (only if you’ve been Good...)
I spent a wonderful Xmas with some of my family, and that is the most precious thing that i could expect! This year i  can’t bring you some HOT pictures of my holidays cuz i stayed Home ... But strange December: the cold isn’t there yet... Is not that i wish it could be colder and snowy, but, a Xmas without  snow is not really a Perfect French Xmas ... Actually it was even sunny... So Weird...  

Definitely i think that the Earth is going Worst... And it’s kinda scary.... (i think)

 Anyway, i’m want to share with you some pictures i took of Paris Under the snow...

Cité Universitaire 2010

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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