Blue Ivy Carter

Everybody’s talking about Ivy, Ivy Blue, Blue Ivy, B.I.C. ... So i’m sure that you all know that Lady Bee and Mr Zee already had their Baby Girl.... Called ‘IV’ & ‘Blue’ ... Just like some albums...
Anyway, Daddy decided to star Ivy’s career recording her 1st Single... B.I.C. Aged: not even 2days ... (Common!!) Let’s see the Good Side: She now knows where she was made: PARIS CITY BABY! ... And Ivy has a song where everything is said... explained... told to the world...!!!! 

<<<<< PRESS PLAY >>>>>>

Not even born and she already made a single... "Glory 1"
Isn’t that weird for you???
I Mean, Am i the only one who thinks that it’s weird... ????

Good? /  Bad?

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