OUTFIT - Simple try

Hello guys!
 Not so usual, but i promised some change in 2012... so i’m going to bring you some new...  Try to bring you different outfits as long as i’d have time too... i’m not a fashion addicted, but i think i can bring you some ideas, simple details, and eventually some personal customized things... (as long as i’d have time too!)
So this a very simple basic outfit... Nothing special... The weather here in Paris is a little bit in between, So that allows some in between clothes.... You must be warm enough, even if it’s sunny cuz with the weather... We never know! 
Wedges are definitely the more comfortable shoes to run the parisian streets! Speed and Stressful  Life you know! And those ones are special cuz made in raphia.... One of the Zara’s Must Have Collection 1 year ago!
No very colorful... black n white.... Something bit Classy, French, and safe.... It’s Winter!!!
Sweat: H&M /  Pants: BeLair  /Wedges: Zara / Rings: Asos, Bimba & Lola

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