Color me African


I can bet that those pictures need no words to be described. You can easily see that those pictures show how strong, rich and powerful are african traditional closings and « accessories  » ... 
Those distinct jewelries are totally fundamental in order to situate an individual socially. 
Without those ornaments, the individual is nothing and nobody in its society: Not even recognized sometimes. Everything has a meaning! From the color to how and when to wear it, through the shape of the ornament,  each detail has its importance in relationships and perception of the individual in and for the society.
These traditional social factors, specific to African cultures, inspired too many designers that I don’t need to quote. 
I simply wanted to show you more precisely how all that African Wealth clearly inspired, and still inspires this Summer Trends. Enjoy your summer! Be creative...Be African! 
Color me Fashion
Color my World
Color me African
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