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    {FR} Ca fait un moment que j'attendais ce moment, et je suis ravie qu'il soit enfin arrivé. Aujourd'hui j'ai le plaisir de vous faire découvrir, en anglais (pour ceux qui ont du mal vous pouvez toujours utiliser la langue de votre choix sur votre droite), une jeune créatrice que j'ai découvert il y a un moment déjà. J'ai tout de suite accroché et été séduite par son univers très monochrome, où les matières sont à l'honneur et les formes très pures et graphiques me font beaucoup penser aux influences nippones... Je n'en dirais pas plus sur la collection, je vous laisse la découvrir par vous même... Retenez bien son nom... je pense sincèrement qu'il y a un bel avenir pour Magdalena Czarniecka.!
    {EN} I met Magdalena Czarniecka some time ago, and i was immediately seduced by her universe, her "graphic lines" and monochrome style that reminds me some Japanese designers. I won't tell a lot about her and about her collections because i want you to read my interview down bellow. I simply wanted to add a thing (she's gonna kill me after that, i know!)... She might look a bit "cold" or unfriendly in this picture... But think again! I've been talking to her since 2 months now, and she is totally adorable... I rarely meet such sweet person i think. So... no mistake... She's awesome, kind, pretty as hell and talented... what else?? 

    Can you please introduce yourself ...
    My name Magdalena Czarniecka. I'll be 24 in a few weeks . I was born and raised in Poland. Living in England for almost 6 years now. I was always interested in fashion but couldn't peruse it as a career until I moved to uk and started a art&design course followed by fashion design.

    So ... Why fashion?
    Hmm... To me it's the way of expressing myself. To send a message and tell a story. Fashion is not about the clothes, it's expressing the person I am and artist that I am trough out. I am of course on track with fashion world but not following 'trends' as it's a high street invention. Copying the latest designers collections.  Fashion designers do not follow the trend they set them! 

    Can you talk about your first collection?
    My SS13 college graduating collection was called 'Black and White battle'. I created A striking monotone and nude collection, inspired by the body sillhouete, beauty and movements. 
    I mixed different fabrics together, always trying to create the mood around my work. 
    Combining sheer fabric with knitted wool and fur, leather with clear pvc, creating that unexpected effect and uniques. Through this collection I'm sending the message to the audience, connecting and making it personal
    How will you describe your style and inspirations?
    (Laughs) I don't like to put myself into a one whole and describe it. My style and inspirations are so diverse. I definitely create only womenswear for now that's some kind of direction right? (Laughs) . I don't like to say much about myself or my style , collection. I want people to get the message thought my work and think for themselves
    How will you describe the "Perfect woman"?
    I have quite a few muses... From models (as I'm really inspired by beauty and body silhouette ). To actress dancers fashion icons to my family and my mum.
    I create clothes for strong women, independent, not afraid to show some skin. Divas if you want to call them that. It means powerful intelligent strong women who know what they want.
    Now that this first collection is created, what's next?
    I just started Fashion design at the Bath spa university and its only the beginning of my journey.  My biggest dream is to create my own fashion house one day.
    And you have a Private blog write? Why did you choose blogging?
    Well I was so tempted to create a space online where I can express myself and show my designs , my style , taste and work. ( VISIT HERE) Not only my design portfolio (which the other website is in progress for this purpose) I am also freelance stylist and photomodel . There are so many creative aspects I enjoy , which are related to fashion . But i really don't want to consider myself as a fashion blogger. My blog is just a space to keep all my images, inspirations and creativity. I definitely do not want to be recognizable as a blogger. 
    Congrats and many thanks Magdalena for your kindness, time, and smile! 
    Thank you for your time and that you are interesting in my person! If one person will be inspired by me and my work that makes me so incredibly proud!
    Oh! forgot to tell you... On this last picture it is me, wearing her clutch she just offered me... Isn't she a sweet heart?  
    Please follow her on he Facebook Page because she does a lot of Give Aways.. 
    Merci Sweet Magdalena! 

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