INTERVIEW - Darago Leather from Ethiopia

Cela faisait bien longtemps que je ne vous proposai plus de petites interviews. Mais cela ne signifie  pas pour autant que je vous oubli ou ne le ferai pas ! Alors voila ...
Lors d'un précédant article "outfit"que vous pourrez retrouver ICI, je vous avais brièvement présenté mon sac en cuir de la marque Darago. Parce que la découverte de cette boutique, de la marque et ensuite du styliste fut très agréable et une belle expérience, je souhaite la partager avec vous en vous proposant de découvrir un peu plus l'univers de cette marque. 
Voici donc une petite interview (en anglais) de Chernet, styliste et fondateur de la marque Darago Leather  basée en Éthiopie. 

1. Can you introduce yourself?
·        My name is Chernet Gebretsadik, I am 28 years old,  I graduated my Bachelor degree in  Fashion Design on the famous Bahirdar University in Ethiopia  in 2016.  I succeed as the first batch of the department.

2. How and why did the idea of creating your own leather brand came - as Ethiopia also has its own original fabrics?

·       One of the reasons I created a leather brand was reason is to create job opportunity to the largest unemployment rate in the Ethipopia. There is a huge rate of unemployment and I wanted to feel this gap. 
Another main reason for creating my own brand was to keep our grandfather's name. 
I chose leather because there is a large cattle population across the continent  and specially in Ethiopia! But it also creates an amazing chance to our customer to feel or enjoy the natural, original sense and feeling of this natural and noble fabric.

 3. What does "Darago" mean?
·         The word ‘’Darago’’ derived from Hadiyighna language (from southern Ethiopia) that means "Going far", although the word "Darago" is the name of our founder’s grandfather. So it is a family business in a way.

  4. What is the spirit of this last collection? What were your inspirations?
·         The spirit of our last collection is to put our product consumer in a delight zone. I want my clients to feel proud when they wear the products and receive admiration from their friends, families and colleagues. We inspired by the meaning of the company name thus, we want to make the brand to be contagious and catchable and easy to wear.

  5. Addis is a great capital for fashion! Have you ever presented your collections on fashion shows there or eventually out of the country ? Which ones?
·         Not yet, but we are in progress making of our network !

 6. Where are you represented now ? 
·         We are represented now in the capital of Ethiopia as well as Africa, Addis Ababa Bole Atlas next to Efoy pizzeria and in front of Washington Hotel. 
I also  have opportunities to resell Darago Leather products away from Ethiopia and the continent, but I won't say too much now.
Depending on the collections and seasons, we offer of course the same quality of the product  with different attractive styles.

7. What is the next step for Darago?
·             Our next step is to expand our market throughout Africa and Europe. We would like also to bring more social equity in our working environment. And  of course, the principal goal is to make the brand name internationally known as a little brand that comes to life.

 * Thank You Vitha

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